BioVi is a great product for the family and our customers love us!

As a Registered Nurse, being healthy and making sure I stay in top shape to take care of patients is first and foremost.  That is why I take and recommend BioVi probiotics every day! They help to keep my digestive system and my overall health at its best.

-Shelly, RN


I love this probiotic. It is a naturally made product and it works really good on your digestive system. I have used it for many years.




I have had bad acne for years.  I've tried many things to get rid of acne.  Since I have been taking Biovi consistently for several months I have noticed a major difference for the better.  It turns out healing my gut has done more than medication.



I accidentally found Biovi on my own in CVS while looking for something to help my bad gut problem. Three different doctor’s told me I had to live with it, so I had to find something on my own. I was looking in the probiotic aisle and found BioVi, it sounded like it was something that might help me and work. As soon as I got in my car I tried it right away. I noticed an hour later how good my stomach felt, and I wasn’t moving my bowels as often. So I’ve been taking it ever since. It was being discontinued in CVS so I decided to go back and get all that they had , I even bought the chewy’s.   They work good also. I was so glad I found them. I tell all my doctor’s about BioVi . It is the only thing that helped my irritable bowel syndrome problem. Thank you for making such a great product.



Three people in my family are taking BioVi and all of us feel that we have experienced increased digestive improvement. I believe it will help everyone to some degree if you give it time to get started.