Our Story

One of BioVi's founding members, Pete, helped turn biovi into what it is today.In high school, I was diagnosed with a slight case of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Like so many other IBS sufferers, I was prescribed medication to combat my symptoms. It wasn’t long before I realized that the prescribed medication began to show its’ side effects, ones that made me feel as bad as the symptoms the doctors were attempting to combat.

In addition, I had been taking several probiotics in search of one that might assist the medication while relieving some of my symptoms. A friend told me about a probiotic that was developed for the Italian military to prevent their troops from contracting dysentery while on duty called kluyveromyces marxianus fragilis. Research revealed that the product (KMF) was only available in Italy and was resistant to antibiotics. With most strains of probiotics, antibiotics do not allow the probiotic to survive. I imported it for my personal use, and began to experience real results immediately!

I was curious as to why this particular probiotic was so effective and made me feel so good. After more research, I discovered the importance of a healthy intestinal tract, not just for IBS sufferers, but for anyone as part of healthy, everyday life. Coincidently, my family and I started to grow Aronia berries, which according to the USDA is among the most antioxidant-rich berries. My family and I consume the berry in some form each and every day.

After retiring from our corporate jobs, a local friend, neighbor and now business partner also grows Aronia on his farm. Together, we set out experimenting with different ways to bring the Aronia berry and its many healthy benefits to the public. Aronia, also known as the chokeberry, black chokeberry or black chokecherry, is a berry that contains an extraordinarily high nutrient density, including vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids.

Months after our experimentation began, we proposed combining the Aronia berry with the probiotic that I was importing. The result was BioVi, which contains the antioxidant-rich Aronia berry and provides the digestive benefits of my favorite probiotic. Whatever your health goals may be, you stand to greatly benefit from BioVi’s unique ability to boost your immune system and balance your digestive tract.