Why Lactic Yeast is a Better Natural Supplement

Why Lactic Yeast is a Better Natural Supplement

When talking about health, some people automatically associate the word “yeast” to infection. However, you should know that yeast, specifically lactic yeast, offers several benefits for the body.

Lactic Yeast Can Survive an Acidic Environment

A lot of people take probiotic supplements to ensure that they have a sufficient amount of good bacteria in the gut. Except some of the most common probiotic supplements available from manufactures may not even reach the gut and die in the stomach because of its acidity. Lactic yeast, on the other hand, has a protective coating called chitin, which allows it to survive in the acidic environment of the stomach and reach your intestines to thrive.  Studies have shown that BioVi’s probiotic lasts 5-7 days in the intestinal tract.  When taken daily, you can continue to maintain your beneficial bacteria.

Resistant to Antibiotics

Antibiotics can kill both good and bad bacteria in your body. This is the reason some people often take probiotic supplements while they are on antibiotic therapy. While this may sound good, you have to know that some probiotics are not strong enough to fight off antibiotics. They also get killed during the treatment. The lactic yeast probiotic used by BioVi is one of the probiotics that can withstand strong medications like antibiotics.

If you are taking antibiotics or looking for a better probiotic, BioVi is one of the choices you might consider.  If you would like to learn more about BioVi you can learn more on our website.

Ready to get started?  You can visit our store and see our collection of easy to take and great tasting probiotic chewables, here.  Want even more out of your probiotic?  Check our latest smoothie recipes, here.

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