Probiotics, Your Solution to Common Digestive Problems, Dermatitis

Probiotics, Your Solution to Common Digestive Problems, Dermatitis

A person with insufficient probiotics in his or her body often experiences several digestive discomforts like gas, bloating and diarrhea. Other health conditions you may encounter when you don’t have enough good bacteria in your body are dermatitis and yeast infection.

Taking food with live bacterial cultures like yogurt or probiotic supplements can help the naturally-occurring beneficial microorganisms in the body to grow and thrive in your digestive tract. Here are some things you should know about these helpful bacteria that live in your gut.

What Probiotics Do

Probiotics help stimulate enzymes needed by the digestive system to break down complex molecules like sugar and carbohydrates. When these are transformed into simpler forms, the cells are able to readily absorb them so you can get the nutrients you need.

Good bacteria also helps to prevent the overgrowth of harmful microorganisms and fight off infection. This in turn, helps you have a stronger immune system.

A study on the effects of Kluyveromyces, a probiotic that can be found in the natural supplement BioVi, showed that probiotics have promising effects on people with atopic dermatitis. Kluyveromyces was able to lower the IgE seric levels of the patients.

The test on the development of candida albicans presented that the probiotic Kluyveromyces might help inhibit the growth of this microorganism, which is responsible for various types of infections like vaginal yeast infections.

Our probiotics come in several varieties including capsules, delicious softchews  We also offer subscriptions to your favorite probiotics that have a whole host of benefits that other companies can’t or won’t provide in their probiotic strain. You can learn more about our probiotics here.

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