10 Tricky Ways to Make Yourself Eat Healthy and Love It!

10 Tricky Ways to Make Yourself Eat Healthy and Love It!

Who says eating healthy can’t be fun?

Face it. Almost all of us (the human race) are bad at doing what’s good for us. As humans, we are collectively REALLY bad at carrying on good habits. Healthy eating is one of the best examples of things we are worst at. After decades of diets and studies and conflicting opinions about nutrition, a few tricky, down-to-earth habits have emerged as keys to keeping up healthy eating.

Don’t think of these 10 tricks as more rules to whip yourself with. Think of them as clever, fun, and easy ways to outsmart yourself.

Instead of feeling weighed down by calorie counting and portion measuring, simply reduce portions and choose foods by color, variety and freshness. Find easy, delicious recipes with only a few ingredients. Stick to basics instead of thinking you need to become a gourmet health food chef.

2—Love your Food.  If you are honest with yourself, there are at least a few healthy foods you love. Some people crave a certain fruit. What about healthy honey, natural peanut butter and nuts? Cinnamon is a healthy-food winner and so are many other spices. Allow yourself to indulge in carefully chosen treats.

3—Cheat. Occasionally (the operative word is occasionally), allow yourself to eat whatever you want, no matter how bad it is for you. Well…you might want to draw the line somewhere, but it’s a well-known fact that humans won’t stick to an eating plan that’s too straight-laced. What’s your cheat food?

4—Funnerize.  Who says healthy eating has to be all sad and serious? Create a food event for your friends. Decorate your kitchen so you love being in it. Buy new dishes and get into garnishes. Light candles, put on music and feed each other those fruits, vegetables, whole grains, Omega 3 fats and lean meats. 

5—Change slowly. It’s a mistake to attempt changing your eating habits all at once. Be gentle with yourself. Choose one thing to focus on first, get that down, and when it becomes a habit move on to something else. Maybe begin with reducing salt gradually. Or cut portions in half. Or add avocados—or berries.

6—Supplement.  No matter what purists say, you’ll never get your healthy diet perfect. It’s not such a crime to use supplements for a jump start. Some supplements are a good idea even after you become a healthy food nut! That’s one reason for probiotics (this IS BioVi talking after all). They help healthy food do more. 

7—Get a food buddy.  Eating in generally is much more fun in pairs or packs. When you are trying to make serious changes to improve your health, a buddy can help you stay on track. It also helps you to help your buddy. Come up with creative ideas, common goals, and food adventures that you can conquer together.

8—Collect facts.  Don’t think of studying labels and learning about nutritional values as work. Think of it as a fun puzzle to which you are gathering the pieces. Or a scavenger hunt for the most important tidbits of knowledge to keep you healthy. Learn how to read labels and combine foods like a wizard.

9—Create an icon.
Why do you want to eat healthier—weight loss, a healthier heart, less frequent or less serious illnesses, or simply a better life? Choose a positive, fun, lasting symbol of your personal payoff and embrace it as a daily reminder: a heart-shaped vase, a pillow made from old “fat pants,” a Mr. Potato Head toy.

10—Stock up.
Once you identify recipes and foods to support your new healthy-eating lifestyle, stock up with your new basics. Many healthy foods are fresh and will spoil quickly, so plan on more frequent trips to the grocery. Make sure you have healthy snacks on hand—for snacks are every healthy eater’s downfall. 

Doesn’t that all sound better than taking on an overwhelming, overachiever diet? Let’s be real. We are human beings. Good nutrition must be easy, and fun or we won’t do it. Agreed? Okay, then get busy building your exciting, new world of healthy food!

Consistency is key.  Major changes won’t happen overnight.  Be patient, and push through those times you are challenged to not make your monthly goals.

The Benefits of Our Probiotics

What are pre and probiotics, and how can they benefit me, is it beneficial and safe for my kids to take them, how do I know which one is right for my family and me. Probiotics are tiny microorganisms found in fermented foods or Yeast, they can be consumed as food or in a supplement form and have various significant health benefits. First among these is the huge boost they provide your digestive system, probiotics help your body break down food and absorb its nutritional value while greatly decreasing bowel related problems…but that's not all.

Probiotics can boost your energy levels and strengthen your immune too, no conversation about probiotics would be complete without a mention of prebiotics, the two are closely linked and synergistic and their benefits to your digestive system. Prebiotics are soluble fiber that provides tons of nutrition for the probiotic Flora which is crucial to Digestive Health. Anyone on a diet with high soluble fiber can attest to its energy boosting benefits and benefit in shedding excess pounds. 

Biovi is a revolutionary new yeast-based probiotic that enhances natural bacteria growth and reproduction to aid in digestion, it also helps to create a homeostatic environment so that other beneficial bacteria can flourish, it's like a conductor bio regulating the natural microflora and your digestive system making sure everything is in harmony working together to make your body more efficient and boost your energy and immune system. 

What makes Biovi better or different from similar products? Biovi is a fortified with powerful antioxidants from the Aronia Berry, Our probiotic is blended using our unique strain of probiotic and powerful antioxidants extracted from the aronia berry, which has the highest concentration of antioxidants present in any fruit and survives stomach acid, antibiotic-resistant bio regulates natural microflora and so much more. When coupled together, this blend helps promote a healthy you by regulating beneficial intestinal tract bacteria and reducing free radicals.

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